About Us


Who are our Members?

  •  The  Hamilton Centre is an association of over 80 local musicians,  supporters and friends of the organ - you don't have to be an organist  to join! Students are specially welcome to join us, at reduced rates.  
  • We are one of 27 Centres across the nation, with a National Office in Toronto.
  • Want to join? Go to the National Website at www.rcco.ca


What do we do?

  •  Events  range from concerts and workshops to trips, to fun social and  networking get-togethers. Check out the Events page to see what's coming  up! 
  • pictured are performers from a Halloween Recital


Who runs the Centre?


  • Executive members are elected annually. For 2019-2020 they are:-
  • President - Simon Walker
  • Vice President - Stéphane Potvin 
  • Treasurer/Membership - Christopher Hunt
  • Secretary - Marilyn Repchuck
  • Past President - Simon Irving
  • Members at Large -  Jennifer Goodine, Shirley MacDougall, Mabel Young

 [pictured at left ]  

  • Non-executive positions:- Communications - Paul Grimwood
  • Professional concerns - Stillman Matheson